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Dental Restoration After an Accident: Get Your Smile Back Dental Magazine

It is also possible to sustain soft tissue trauma to your tongue, cheeks and hums according to the force you use to hit your mouth, tongue and hums. An even more severe injury which can happen in the event of an accident is a jawbone fracture, which does not result in the loss of several teeth, or impaired jawbone function. This is among other issues. Some of the Best Dental Restoration Options Following an Injury

It is not a good idea to suffer in silence if you have experienced any of the above dental traumas. There are a variety of options available to restore your teeth that will help you to smile again. This is a brief look at some of the most popular ones:

Braces and dental bonds for small damage

One of the most popular solutions for dental repairs following an accident involves dental bonding. The procedure is utilized to fix minor teeth damage, for instance, fractures, cracks, or chips. The resin is tooth-colored and increases the look and appearance of minor scratches. This aspect of dental bonding makes it even more helpful in repairing other imperfections like discolored teeth, exposed gums, and gaps between the teeth.

Braces, in addition to dental bonding may be utilized as an alternative to dental bonding for dental trauma. If your teeth have been wrongly aligned after an accident you will require them to be straightened. This is done using braces. There are several types of braces that you can purchase to straighten your teeth, the most used being steel ones. Ceramic braces are an alternative providing a more discreet method for fixing your teeth.

But, if you'd like to keep from recovering from your incident while appearing like a teenager, you should consider getting the Invisalign treatment. Braces that are clear, also referred to as aligners are utilized to fix your teeth. It's not noticeable that they're there. No matter what the style you prefer is, make sure you talk to your orthodontist, who will help create an individual treatment plan that is specific to your smile.

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