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Musical Theater Basics Resources for Set and Costume Design 1776 The Musical

The symbols can also be used to convey meaning. It is common practice to associate red as a sign of danger, black as evil, and purple is associated with royalty. Lighting

When it comes to costumes and design for the set controlling lighting is a crucial source. It will help make a more engaging show for your audience and improve the experience overall. They are divided into three categories: before, after the performance, and after. The electrical lighting system is responsible for maintaining the auditorium.

Indirect lighting of the aisles as well as steps ensures that guests can get their seats safely without any risk. This causes the least amount of disruption to the crowd already in attendance. If an emergency occurs that requires evacuation, all patrons will be able to spot the lighting that will lead to the escape direction.

Theater lighting designers work together with the director to select the best lighting effects for the theatre. Lighting design encompasses a wide range of tasks, starting with establishing the ideal atmosphere to controlling the gaze of the audience and producing the intended results.


A comprehensive design is required for any public facility. The public may be restricted from accessing the structure through various entrances. By enlisting the aid of general contractors as well as custom building companies, this may be made possible. Planning should be seamless to everyone and shouldn't cause any inconvenience. For those who are physically challenged, they will feel more at home and participant in the event if the entry does not contain any steps, and there is a designated area for wheelchairs inside the exclusive seating space. It is vital to ensure that the entire complex is in place, including the accompanyi