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Fun Affordable Summer Activities for the Whole Family Rochester Magazine

The entire family is covered:

Playing a game of bingo with red, blue and white sets. placing cans on top of each other in the colors of white, red blue, and red and handing the children a Wiffle ball to challenge them to toss them as well as using American informational questions about the history of America for a test of how informed the kids are in America's past.

tossing American flag-adorned water balloons, playing a round of golf using blue, red, white and red marshmallows, in putting small American flags into various hidden locations around the house, and encouraging your children to explore their own unique activities that are fun that can be enjoyed by the entire family.

There are others who are having an patriotic gathering in the backyard, or on beaches nearby, taking part in a costume and making photographs that last an entire lifetime.


Through the month of June to the month of August, certain celestial bodies are apparent due to the brighter luminescence. Amateur astronomers can be a wonderful way to learn the basics of astronomy, and have fun with the entire family. Look on the web for Star maps of the summer sky or other types of guides.

It's possible to simply observe the night skies from your backyard. Or, you can find public parks that provide free stargazing for amateurs. Even if you don't possess a telescope, many passionate stargazers would be willing to invite others to view their telescopes into the sky at night.


In summer, swimming is sensible. If you do not have a swimming pool at the place you live, go to the lake, on the beach or some other place that is a pool facility.

The health benefits of swimming go well beyond summer's scorching temperatures. Treasure hunts, underwater races dive competitions, Ping-Pong scrambles and wishing pods bobbing heads, and bobbing head are but one of the many pool games that your entire family can enjoy take advantage of