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Well Paying Jobs for Non Citizens in America

There are lots of possibilities for government-related positions and this work experience could lead to in the near future. Median Pay: $51,000/year Specifics: You can listen or read in a language other than English Have high levels of comprehension of both languages as well as English Learn to translate the language in the closest way possible to English Maintain the original meaning the closest possible match to English translation. Provide additional insight in the event of need. Have experience with a variety of subjects Use resources when necessary to pin down exact matches in the translation process. Provide quotes for work

Agriculturist There are numerous farms that require manual labour. Most immigrants come from farms and see the positions extremely beneficial to their talents. The median annual salary is $25,000. The job responsibilities:

Be sure to know the plant you are working with. Be aware of when your crop is best to harvest. Keep an eye on every plant. Apply fertilizer to avoid any damage that could occur. Utilize tools and equipment for assistance.

Immigration Law Firms You've got an income and an area to reside. Do you need to call an immigration attorney? Though there's no date when you must contact an immigration lawyer, there are many instances that you could benefit from it. Below are some ways you benefit from speaking with legal firms that specialize in immigration:

A lot to think about. There's more than one way to legally enter America legally as a foreigner. Are you married to someone who is American? This is a K-1 fia