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The assets are administered through an executor, or personal representative until the testamentary will or wishes of the deceased has been completed. No matter the amount or complexity of an estate, this distribution is determined by laws of the state. If the distribution isn't made in the will lawyers look at how much property the person had, the place they resided, and what state laws apply. This often requires working with other attorneys during the process to ensure that all wills are handled in a proper manner so that probate is smooth for everyone concerned. Many people who enjoy these kinds of jobs are those who have a passion for helping families navigate after-death care compassionately and fairly to help ease hurts within the family. Bankruptcy Attorney Bankruptcy lawyers support people in the community who need financial assistance or a chance to start over. They can make anywhere from 49k-91k each year, putting them in the lower ranges of the lawyers with most money. There are financial problems that occur in all people's lives in some way. They aid clients when declaring bankruptcy, or in representing those who have been affected by the bankruptcy of their spouse. The majority of lawyers require the upfront amount. It can come in the form of a cashier's check that is bank certified or a money payment. However, there is a few that permit you to pay over time. After the payment is made, the lawyer will begin the process , and get the clients serve. Bankruptcy lawyers help with every type of bankruptcy including Chapter 7, Chapter 9, Chapter 11, and Chapter 13. Bankruptcies can be for businesses or individuals. They also offer bankruptcy for municipalities, towns schools, counties, and towns. An attorney for bankruptcy is one who has a profound concern for those who are not able to repay their vehicle, consumer or mortgage-related debts. .